London - Graduate Associate Programme 2021 - Data & AI Lab

Graduate / Analyst
Global Markets

Bank Overview

BNP Paribas Global Markets provides cross-asset investment, hedging, financing, research and market intelligence to corporate and institutional clients, as well as private and retail banking networks. Global Markets' sustainable, long term business model seamlessly connects clients to capital markets throughout 38 markets in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas, with innovative solutions and digital platforms. Through Global Markets, clients can access a full universe of opportunities in equity derivatives, foreign exchange and local markets, commodity derivatives, rates, primary and credit markets and prime solutions and financing.

BNPP is a leading bank in Sustainable Finance and Global Markets contributes to the group across its financing, investing, hedging and servicing activities, bridging investors needs and issuers ESG needs.

Integrating Sustainable Finance into our strategic dialogue with our clients has become a key pillar of GM strategy, well aligned with the rest of CIB.

Our objective is to embed Sustainable Finance in the normal course of business, and every employee will be expected to contribute to their team or desk efforts to promote and develop ESG products and sustainable finance solutions during their rotations.


The Role

The role of our Data and A.I Lab is to use the latest techniques of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to help Global Markets do a better job. For this, we need to leverage the huge amount of both internal and external data we are accumulating daily, whether it is structured (Market and Trade data) or unstructured (Chats, Voice conversations, Social Media and alternative data).


What you will do

Your role will include:

Data and A.I Lab/Automated Market Making (AMM)

- Using the latest techniques of Machine and Deep Learning to build models for our trading and sales activity leveraging internal and external data to improve the service we give to Clients while managing tightly the risk associated to those products 

- Build our next generation of Natural Language Understanding interface (Speech to Text and Chat to Systems) across all business lines 

- Participate in the design and development of our core research projects such as unsupervised classification of the various market participants behaviour, sentiment analysis in chats or new and improvement of the market making in low or high frequency 

- Be able to innovate freely, Introducing new techniques or technologies if needed 


Technical skills required

- Strong education in Statistics, Maths or Computer Science (Master or PhD level): we are not just looking for people who know how to use machine learning techniques, but for people who understand how it works inside the black-box. 

- Strong knowledge of Machine Learning techniques (classification, regression, natural language processing via standard statistical models or neural network) 

- Good programming skills, preferably Python 

- Good knowledge of Databases (SQL, Oracle, MongoDB…) and with dealing with Big Data environment (Hadoop, Spark) 

- Relevant internships in industry applying Machine Learning techniques and successful participation to Kaggle challenges are a plus 

- Delivery-driven mindset  

- Strong interpersonal skills and proactive approach to problem solving

- Ability to work under pressure and multi-task

- Strong organisational skills

- Team Player  



- Be a role model, supporting and fostering a culture of good conduct

- Demonstrate proactivity, transparency, and accountability for identifying and managing conduct risks

- Consider the implications of your actions on colleagues


Opening Date: 1st September 2020

Closing Date: 1st November 2020

Salary: Competitive 

Location: London

This programme is closed to applications.